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A Positive Impact and Experience

Dr. Milena Safran has made a drastically positive impact on my daughter's general lifestyle. Sarah is a college student with a variety of health problems, ranging from anxiety to digestion issues to a painful case of acid reflux. We sought out someone who could provide us with holistic solutions and advice on how to become healthier. We were lucky to stumble upon Milena and embark in one of the most rewarding experiences that we have ever had with a doctor.

Milena's knowledge on such a vast array of topics shines through her to-the-point advice. It made us feel more comfortable because she was so certain with her suggestions and knew immediate solutions to any problem we threw at her.

After conducting a full evaluation of Sarah's life, Milena created a specific diet based on Sarah's needs. She also prescribed her with 4 vitamins that Sarah takes daily and a tincture of herbs. Milena's description of why she suggested certain things were detailed and she was able to elaborate on how each item would benefit Sarah.

Sarah trusted Milena and immediately began following the diet she gave her and started taking the medicines. She was able to sense a change right away, feeling cleansed from the methods Milena instructed. Through Milena's direction, Sarah has been able to conquer many situations in which she used to experience anxiety, like driving on the highway.

Milena is special because she genuinely cares about her patients. She has shown us this by following up with phone calls and keeping track of Sarah's progress. It is nice to be able to keep such a professional, yet personal relationship with your doctor. Milena's practice goes above and beyond the expectations we had prior to meeting with her. It has been a very valuable learning experience for our family and we will continue to work with Milena in the future, seeing as we believe she can help us cure any health problem that comes our way.

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